Silicon Valley Code Camp Session: jQuery Makes Writing JavaScript Fun Again (presentation and demo code available)

The Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010 successfully ended its 2 days event last weekend (Oct 9-10) with about 3100 registered, 194 Sessions presented, roughly 1800 attended on day 1 and 1400 on day 2.  It was the largest code camp event ever in Silicon Valley.


I had the honor to present “jQuery Makes Writing JavaScript Fun Again” session to 200 attendees with different background from .Net, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, etc.  I am really glad to see developers from different community share the same interest and get together in this talk.  Many thanks to all of you attended my talk and provide valuable feedback to me.

Like I have promised to you I will post my presentation in the blog.  Below you will see my entire slide deck and the demo code.

The presentation consists the following parts:

  • Essentials of jQuery
    • download demo code
    • I will explain more in my later blogs
  • New jQuery Plugins: Templates, DataLink, Globalization
    • download demo code
    • I will explain more in my later blogs
  • Working with OData, JSONP, Netflix
    • see more information and sample code here
  • Working with Web Services, Database and OData
    • demo code will be available soon and I will explain more in my later blogs
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