Updating the factories to VS2010

This is just a quick post to let you know that I just posted an update over on the p&p team blog. Since this effort spans GAT/GAX and 3 factories, it makes more sense to post the updates there instead of here. Sorry for any confusion. Feel free to ping me if you have any…


Using MessageContracts and DataContracts

Users of the Service Factory often ask about the rationale behind the required use of MessageContracts even though the use of MessageContracts aren’t mandated by WCF. I’ve answered this question in other venues, but it seemed like a good thing to put here in case I need to point others to it in the future….


A time for reflection and assessment

Wow, it’s hard to believe it has been almost a year since the patterns & practices team released our first software factories. Remember when the early customer previews were called Baseline Architecture Toolkits? Oh, the nostalgia 🙂 We could have had so much fun with the BAT acronym … haha. So that means now is a perfect time to…


First Service Factory v3 Community Drop

Okay, we’re off and running now. Earlier today I posted the first of many community drops for Service Factory v3 – don’t let “build 19” fool you – this is the first one. It took us longer than expected to get this one out the door, but we’re all set now. I suspect the first question…


Now Available: Aaron’s new Service Factory article on MSDN

Steven just told me that Aaron Skonnard’s latest Service Factory article about the December release was just published through his Service Station column in the MSDN Magazine. Talk about timing … sweet.  Even though it was written and finished before we locked down the code, it is still very accurate and comprehensive. I mean, it’s Aaron … what else would you expect?! There…


… come and get yer Service Factory!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the December release of the Web Service Software Factory and a VB.NET version is now available for your consumption, modification, and production pleasures 🙂 Okay, I’m just going to do 3 things in this post since I know there will be many more to follow: Lay some links on ya. For downloading…


Emerging Guidance

Versioning Web Services Introduction Versioning Concepts Relationship Scenarios Principles and Motivations A Versioning Strategy Summary Introduction Most software systems evolve over time, and it is always challenging to manage the associated complexity of their evolution. When the relationships between the parts of the software system become less coupled, the complexity increases because they can then…


Handcrafting WCF-friendly WSDLs

It’s 10:15 pm and I’m still in the office, but I really think I should get this entry posted before I head home – or it won’t ever get posted. I was supposed to be working on my demo for my Service Factory session at the SOA Conference tomorrow, but I got side-tracked early in…


WCF Guidance Packages now available for consumption

If you’ve been following the Service Factory project, you’ll know that we had to put the WCF guidance on hold for a little while as we were getting the ASMX Service Factory released. Well ever since it was released, we’ve been working on getting caught up on the WCF guidance. This actually took longer than…


Partial Classes & the Service Factory

I just posted the Service Factory Hands-on Labs to the community workspace and I learned something while I was putting them together. So, I’m going to do 2 things in this post. First, I’m going to do a little cheerleading for partial classes, then I’ll talk about an issue Service Factory currently has since it is…