Roger joins the fray … w00t!

My good friend Roger Lamb has just joined the blogsphere and I assure you that if you are interested in anything remotely related to Sharepoint, you’ll want to subscribe now. Check out his first post. You see how I just did that? How I increased your expectation, and thus, his commitment around his blog? Isn’t the…


Well spent morale money

The patterns & practices team have been selected for a pilot program that will completely renovate our workspace. The new workspace will be highly collaborative and should be done in a couple of months. We were instructed to not come into the office yesterday because the movers will be getting us out of our old…


What-We-Are-Up-To Webcast

I’m sitting here with Ron Jacobs, Eugenio Pace, and Tom Hollander in the MS Studios as we’re getting setup to do this live webcast about what each of us is up to here in patterns & practices. You see, Eugenio owns the smart client program, Tom owns the line of business program and I own the Integration &…


You’re out of excuses

Admittedly this guide is probably late for some of you … but others of you still have VB6 apps out there that you need to evolve, manage, and support … wouldn’t it be easier if they were .NET apps? Chances are, you’ve decided that your new development will be in .NET, but it sure would be…


Okay, I think I’m straight

I was dorkin’ around with my workblog the other day and it dawned on me that I never posted about how I recently switched jobs … everyone blogs about this … cool, so let me tell you what I’m up to these days … and why you care. I’ve been at Microsoft for about 5.5 years…


OT: If you’re not using Virtual PC … you should be

Okay, before I go anywhere, I want to give 100% credit for this post to John Bristowe. He showed me this at Tech-Ed. He was going to do a Grok Talk on the subject, but just got too busy I think. He (and me too now) is genuinely shocked more developers aren’t using Virtual PC….