Symposium planning and registration are in full swing

We have enjoyed the patterns & practices Summit for many years now. And each year it seems like we try something new. This year we’re combining some new ideas with a name change. And I’ve been spending a ton of time lately preparing for what we intend to be another great week. Not all of…


Using MessageContracts and DataContracts

Users of the Service Factory often ask about the rationale behind the required use of MessageContracts even though the use of MessageContracts aren’t mandated by WCF. I’ve answered this question in other venues, but it seemed like a good thing to put here in case I need to point others to it in the future….


… come and get yer Service Factory!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the December release of the Web Service Software Factory and a VB.NET version is now available for your consumption, modification, and production pleasures 🙂 Okay, I’m just going to do 3 things in this post since I know there will be many more to follow: Lay some links on ya. For downloading…


Emerging Guidance

Versioning Web Services Introduction Versioning Concepts Relationship Scenarios Principles and Motivations A Versioning Strategy Summary Introduction Most software systems evolve over time, and it is always challenging to manage the associated complexity of their evolution. When the relationships between the parts of the software system become less coupled, the complexity increases because they can then…


Service Architecture Concept Model

I’m posting this because I’m interested in your thoughts about it. IMPORTANT: This is just a concept illustration. I’m not encouraging anyone to accept and begin using the nomenclature used. This is just the result of a conversation Tom and Ed and I had today about how this illustration might evolve. If something isn’t clear, please leave a comment….


Service Factory: Entity Translation

For the third installment I’ve decided to talk about the entity translation (mapping) capability of the guidance package. Specifically, this is mapping between the entities that are [de]serialized to/from the wire representation and the entities that represent the business domain model. This time I used a high-quality mic (Shure) and better software (Camtasia Studio), but…


Service Factory: Contracts

Here’s the second installment of my blogcast series on Service Factory. In this one I show how to create WCF data contracts and service contracts. It’s a little bigger and longer than I would have preferred, but since I was building the project (a wine rating app) from scratch, I guess that’s what took longer….


Service Factory: A Brief Introduction

Here is the first installment of a series of blogcasts I hope to continue that are focused on the project I’m working on. This is just a quick 11 slide PowerPoint presentation that gives you the rationale and scope of the project. It’s really the best place to start and it’s only 15 minutes. Just…


Web Services Architecture Domain Model

I’m not in a position to provide any details just yet, but a couple of us on the patterns & practices team have teamed up with heavy hitters like Jason Hogg, Beat Schwegler, Christian Weyer, Wojtek Kozaczynski, Maarten Mullender, Daniel Cazzulino, Victor Aprea, Hernan de Lahitte, and Pablo Galiano to provide some kick ass guidance around designing…


Principles of Web Service Design

John Evdemon just published 2 articles on the principles of web service design. The first one is titled Principles of Service Design: Service Patterns and Anti-Patterns and in my opinion should be required reading for anyone who is new to web service development. Specifically, anyone new to building web services should focus on his explanation of…