Early Christmas: Sticky Notes

My good friend Pablo Galiano just let me know that Sticky Notes is ready for primetime. WooHoo! It’s not my decision, but I’m going to try to talk Mike into letting us use it on the data access guidance project I’ll be talking more about real soon. Of course, even if Mike doesn’t want to…


A Data Access Discussion at the Summit

I spoke this morning at the patterns & practices Summit about data access. As I described this morning, I’ve mostly been working in the area of Web Services for the past number of years and didn’t keep up too much with the advances in data access and UI development. I’m going to be kicking off a…


On coupling and dependencies

For my whole software development career I’ve been focused on the enterprise app dev space. (I did try to join the Zune team at one point, but that’s the topic of another post 😉 While some people baulk at the term “enterprise” it does actually carry certain connotations to many of us. This blog entry…


Pair doc writing

That’s write folks! (haha) Just minutes ago I heard through the wall what I’ve come to recognize as "productivity in action" and I thought it might be valuable to capture and share with you. In this photograph we’re witnessing a first hand account of a dev lead, Bob Brumfield (left), a product planner, Glenn Block…


WCF Security Guidance

If you’re looking for pragmatic guidace for securing your WCF services, look no further. The WCF Security project has been posting how-to documents and videos on its community site. Now is the perfect time to give the team feedback. They aren’t done yet and are completely willing, able, and even looking forward to apply your…


Using MessageContracts and DataContracts

Users of the Service Factory often ask about the rationale behind the required use of MessageContracts even though the use of MessageContracts aren’t mandated by WCF. I’ve answered this question in other venues, but it seemed like a good thing to put here in case I need to point others to it in the future….


Pretty Impressive Management

I was pretty impressed by something my manager did recently. I’ve shared it with a few other people, but I think this is noteworthy enough for a blog entry. My hopes are that other mangers will be equally impressed and carry out similar acts. My manager (we’ll call him Shaun … since that’s his name)…


Roger joins the fray … w00t!

My good friend Roger Lamb has just joined the blogsphere and I assure you that if you are interested in anything remotely related to Sharepoint, you’ll want to subscribe now. Check out his first post. You see how I just did that? How I increased your expectation, and thus, his commitment around his blog? Isn’t the…