New drop of the Web Service Software Factory available!

I could go on and on about how this new drop includes a guidance package to help you build business entities from your data model, CRUD sprocs from those same data entities and data repository classes to help you persist business entities. Becuase this drop has been updated to the latest version of GAT/GAX, I could also talk about all the new stuff like the Guidance Navigator. But rather than do this, I would rather you not spend anymore time here on my blog and just go to the Service Factory Community Workspace and download it. Be sure and let us know what you think.

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  1. Dear Don,

    I saw your webcats on June 2006 on web service factory. However while installing the "Web Service Software Factory – December 2006 (refresh).msi" version, I am getting the following error "The project factory web is not registered .." and it gives the path of the asmx guidence temmplate. More errors follow and the setup is rolled back. I checkd the site for Web Service Software factory withoutmuch luck. Can you please help me resolving this error so that I can try a few things in it?

    P.S I have both guidence automation tool kit and extenstions installed on the same workstation.


    Vishal Karnik

  2. vishy_100 says:

    Just to add, I am using WINXP Sp2

    Vishal Karnik

  3. LockSmithDon says:

    Vishal, are you sure that is the right error message? That doesn’t sound at all familiar.

    Rather than use this blog as a support channel, please use the discussion forum on the community site at

    There are more people that can help you there and a lot more people who will benefit from the solution. Actually, if you look around, you may probably find the answer already.

    Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out the known issues document at


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