Live Service Factory Webcast announcement

I'm going to do a webcast on the Web Service Software Factory in the morning (11am EST). The link below will work if you want to tune in and ask questions live and it should also work about 24 hours after it's over to view on demand. Hope you can tune in.

[Edited July 10, 2006 11:14 AM GMT-8 (PST)]
You can find the code, deck, and demo script I used during this webcast here: I didn't take any extra time to make the demo script great, but used in conjunction with the webcast, it should make sense. Also, the code included here is the result of steps I walked through in the webcast, not the solutions I started with. In the coming weeks I hope to make this into a hands-on-lab with better instructions. Feedback welcome [as always].

[Edited July 12, 2006 11:03 AM GMT-8 (PST)]
The MDF file for the Coho database can be found here:

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  1. I mentioned here that I hadn’t had the opportunity to get caught up on the progress with the Web Service…

  2. roddy says:

    Hi Don,

    Thaks for the good work. what would it take to make this work with VS2003 and .NET 1.1?

    is it possible?

  3. LockSmithDon says:

    No, sorry roddy. Because it uses GAX as the runtime, it’s not possible to use VS2003 and .NET 1.1 … but it will be waiting for you when you can upgrade 😉

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