Service Factory: Contracts

Here's the second installment of my blogcast series on Service Factory. In this one I show how to create WCF data contracts and service contracts. It's a little bigger and longer than I would have preferred, but since I was building the project (a wine rating app) from scratch, I guess that's what took longer.

File: ServiceFactory-Contracts.wmv
Length: 25:48
Size: 8:51 MB

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  1. Mabsterama says:

    Don Smith is releasing a series of blogcasts (part one, part two) about the "Service Factory" project…

  2. bobm says:

    Best 25 minutes spent.  No marketing; just good information.  Learned more about what Service Factory is trying to accomplish than the couple of hours already spend downloading the Service Factory and looking thru the Customer Manager implementation.  Note: At least on my installation of Customer Manager, the Service Factory menu item is not available.

  3. SpencerH says:

    Webcasts are a good idea.

    As the GDN teams are creating these projects, it’s always good to have a short example webcast describing what the latest drop is trying to accomplish.

    Don’t forget to add the webcast link to the email that is sent telling of the latest drop.


  4. Have you heard about this new Service Factory thing but you’re not sure how to get started? One option…

  5. Don Smith started a series of blogcasts where he is showing some of the Service Factory functionality….

  6. Don has created some video blogs to help you get started with WCF and the Service Factory. They are a…

  7. Any chance you could post your blogcast in MP4 format too? My iPod video doesn’t support wmv.

  8. LockSmithDon says:

    Sure Stuart, I’m happy to do that. It shouldn’t be too hard now that I’m about to start using some different software to record these. WMV was my only option before.

    However, do you really think you’re going to be able to read the source code on your iPod? If so, that’s pretty cool.

  9. ..and 90% of what they see, hear and do

    So I thought I would do the "do" part and follow your Webcast.

    This idea got complicated when you used you XSD from your Desktop!  If you do this sort of thing again, can you include a link such extra’s so I don’t have to type it out?



  10. Ashi says:

    The recipes at the end of completion of a step is very useful. and Not irritating at all. May be it if for Architects who created the reciepes but are useful for developers to know the next steps..

  11. Gaurav says:

    Very useful information. I like the XML serialize type approach for creating data contract. I’m working in Insurance industry and in my case ACORD gives very comprehensive schema for insurance operations. Unfortunately it uses lots of xsd choice elements and schema is very big. The schema loads good in XMLSpy but I’m not able to generate data contract for the same. Load Testing with ACORD will give you good testing scenario for Software factory.

  12. Bjorn Storo says:

    Way to go Don!

    This web cast really got down to the core of how to build data contracts and service contracts using the new Service Factory tool.

    If the following webcasts are as good as this one, we’re going to be a productive crowd in no time… keep up the excellent work Don 🙂

  13. Mabsterama says:

    Don Smith is releasing a series of blogcasts ( part one , part two ) about the "Service Factory"

  14. Jezz Santos says:

    I get asked this all the time. What are the differences between/benefits of the ‘EFx Factory’ over other

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