WSE 2.0 SP3 Released

WSE 2.0 SP3 was released on MSDN today. This was a release designed to fix important security and stress issues since the WSE 2.0 SP2 release. There are no new features and no changes to the API. Go get it.

SOAP Toolkit or COM Interop?

If you have the requirement to consume a Web service from unmanaged/native code (like VB 6.0), your first thought might be to use the same tool we’ve used to do this for years: The SOAP Toolkit. Don’t! As you can see from this link … … support for this is going away in just…


WSDL.EXE problem with BEA WSDL

As it turns out, using the 1.x builds of the .NET Framework, wsdl.exe (and VS.NET) are sometimes unable to process perfectly good WSDL documents generated from the latest versions of BEA WebLogic Workshop. If the WSDL contains multiple schemas, and any have the same targetNamespace as another, you’ll get something like, “a schema with the namespace ‘urn:foo-bar” has…