If you’re building web apps, this will just take 2 minutes

… to fill out this survey about what guidance you think is most needed when it comes to building web apps. This includes front end design and development (html, css, javascript/jquery, canvas, svg), Back end dev (asp.net mvc, dependency management, repositories, domain model), And exposing and consuming services (rest, json). This also includes application structure, …


Symposium give-aways

As someone who has spoken at quite a few events over the past 10 years, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what goes into running a conference. With less than 2 weeks before the start of the Symposium, I can already appreciate how ignorant I was. Fortunately, I’ve been a speaker and…


Symposium Agenda RC1

Of course when it comes to conference agendas, they’re really released incrementally as the sessions happen, but we think the agenda in place now is pretty darn close. Click the image to get a better look at it. You can also see it on the Symposium’s schedule page. We’re pretty excited Don Box will be…


Symposium Progress Report

We’ve been making some great progress on the Symposium … so I guess you could call this a progress report. I wrote most of this up as a response to an email asking if this event was focused on ISVs and if it would be recorded. I ended up answering these questions a quite a…


Symposium planning and registration are in full swing

We have enjoyed the patterns & practices Summit for many years now. And each year it seems like we try something new. This year we’re combining some new ideas with a name change. And I’ve been spending a ton of time lately preparing for what we intend to be another great week. Not all of…


My App Arch deck from the China Summit

This is a deck I created for the China p&p Summit. I’m posting this because I spent some extra time creating each of the 5 application type diagrams (from the Application Architecture Guide) in PowerPoint. I thought this might be useful for others who would like to use/modify them for their own use. Since this…


Updating the factories to VS2010

This is just a quick post to let you know that I just posted an update over on the p&p team blog. Since this effort spans GAT/GAX and 3 factories, it makes more sense to post the updates there instead of here. Sorry for any confusion. Feel free to ping me if you have any…


Data Access Guidance

A few of us in patterns & practices, with some help from our partners on the Data Platform team have been working on some guidance to help .NET customers build data access layers (DALs). We’ve been hearing for a while that data access on the .NET platform is not intuitive and this confusion is related…


What’s the deal between Devs and DBAs?

As part of this Data Access Guidance project I’m workin on (which I’ll blog more about soon), we’re having a discussion with our advisors about the contention between the influence a Developer has on an enterprise solution and the influence a DBA has on the same solution. Because one of the deliverables of this project…


EntLib is listening … be heard now to influence the next rev

Grigori, the PM for Enterprise Library, just posted version 5’s tentative backlog stories and is giving you the chance to influence the priority of the stories. So don’t waste anymore time here, head over, get more details, and be heard.