Vista: Open Command Window Here

Another useful but hard to discover feature of Vista’s Windows Explorer is the ability to shift-right-click on a folder and launch a command window at that path: Note that this trick only works in the viewing pane and not in the tree view.

Vista: Copy as Path

Useful but hard to discover feature in Vista.  To copy a filename with full path information to the clipboard, shift-right-click on a file and choose Copy as Path.  For example: Copies the following to my clipboard: “C:\dump\Reports\10435.rdl”


Neat keyboard trick in Windows Vista

If you haven’t hidden the Quick Launch toolbar from your taskbar, pressing the Windows key plus the index of the shortcut in the toolbar will launch that application. For example, on my desktop Windows+1 launches IE, Windows+2 launches Outlook, Windows+3 launches OneNote, and Windows+4 and +5 launch customized build environments.