Home wireless network

A week or so ago, I finally upgraded my home wireless network to 54MBit/s via 802.11g.  A bit of research led me to choose a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 router.  The stock firmware didn’t support some of the features I wanted (like using DHCP to assign static IPs based upon MAC address) but there are several…


Vista: Open Command Window Here

Another useful but hard to discover feature of Vista’s Windows Explorer is the ability to shift-right-click on a folder and launch a command window at that path: Note that this trick only works in the viewing pane and not in the tree view.

Vista: Copy as Path

Useful but hard to discover feature in Vista.  To copy a filename with full path information to the clipboard, shift-right-click on a file and choose Copy as Path.  For example: Copies the following to my clipboard: “C:\dump\Reports\10435.rdl”