FabrikamShipping Demo Application Available for Download

In an October 2008 blog post I highlighted some videos from the PDC sessions, one being Identity Roadmap for Software + Services by Kim Cameron and Vittorio Bertocci. In this video, Vittorio demonstrates the FabrikamShipping application that was built using the Geneva Framework. We have gone on to use this demo in a number of…


Making the shift from ADFS v1 to Geneva Server

After having worked with ADFS v1 for a number of years now, and with all that has been forthcoming around the Geneva Server betas, Vittorio proposed that he interview me about the deltas between ADFS v1 and Geneva Server. So in this episode of The Id Element I find myself, somewhat reluctantly, in front of…


What’s new in Windows CardSpace “Geneva” beta 2

Oren Melzer, SDE, was introduced to “project InfoCard” (a former internal code name for Windows CardSpace) as an intern with Microsoft — he’s now a developer on Windows CardSpace “Geneva” and a member of the Federated Identity team. This week I sat down with Oren to hear what’s new in CardSpace Geneva beta 2. Among…


Geneva Server beta 2, SAML 2.0 and Interoperability with Sun OpenSSO Enterprise and Novell Access Manager

In this episode of The Id Element I talked with Caleb Baker, Sr. SDET, who worked with the interoperability testing of Geneva Server’s SAML 2.0 with both Sun’s OpenSSO Enterprise and Novell’s Access Manager products. Caleb discusses his discoveries in the interoperability testing and demonstrates how to configure Geneva Server as both the Identity Provider…


PHP drill down for enabling Information Card use with CardSpace Geneva by Intand’s Scott Otis

Last week I posted a video to The Id Element and described the work that Intand had done to enable their PHP S+S application to accept information cards from Geneva Server via Windows CardSpace Geneva for a prototype project with the Lake Washington School District and Microsoft. In a follow-up video interview, Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, Sr….


Geneva Server, CardSpace Geneva and PHP Interoperability with Information Cards

This week on “The Id Element” I had the opportunity to interview both the President and CIO, Bryan Otis and Scott Otis, respectively, from Intand along with Vijay Rajagopalan, Principle Architect, Microsoft Interoperability Strategy. Intand offers a calendaring application for scheduling/managing a school’s facilities, events, teams, etc. Prior to this prototype project to enable information…


Geneva Server Interoperability with Sun OpenSSO and Novell Access Manager Whitepapers

Two new whitepapers are available regarding the interoperability of Geneva Server beta 2 with Sun’s OpenSSO Enterprise and Novell’s Access Manager. These papers discuss the need for standards-based solutions to provide identity federation across heterogeneous technology environments. One specific challenge these technologies help solve is today’s need for cross-organization collaboration and/or allowing partners to access…


The Identity Developer Training Kit

Another nice treat coinciding with the Microsoft code name “Geneva” beta 2 release is the the Identity Developer Training Kit that Vittorio drove. He announces/introduces it here so you can read his post for the details. This is an exceptional tool for developers that want to get their feet wet in the waters of building…


Microsoft code name “Geneva” beta 2 on “The Id Element”

In preparation for the beta 2 release of Geneva Server, Geneva Framework and Windows CardSpace Geneva, Vittorio and I have been working feverishly to provide content to introduce you to this great step forward in these technologies. Therefore, we’ve prepared four videos for “The Id Element” show highlighting both a feature overview and a deep…


Microsoft code Name Geneva Beta 2 Released

The availability of Microsoft code Name “Geneva” beta 2 was announced today at TechEd. This release is a significant step forward for the Geneva Server, Geneva Framework and Windows CardSpace Geneva. Check out the Geneva Team Blog for the specific advances made. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of beta 2 and Vittorio and I…