SPC346, SPC357 & SPC361–SharePoint Conference 2011 Session Resources

I had the opportunity at the SharePoint Conference 2011 to talk about developing Office solutions that integrate with SharePoint and SharePoint Online. I want to say “thanks!” to all those that took the time to attend these sessions. And as I mentioned at the end of each, I’m posting here access to the slide decks and handy links to the best resources available to help you develop solutions described in the sessions.

SPC346 - Exploring the Office Developer Story in Microsoft Office 365

SPC357 - Integrating Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows Phone 7

SPC361 - Landing SharePoint Data in Office Client Solutions

Again, thanks!


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  1. Claire Willett says:

    Thanks for posting the decks! I was booth-bound during your wp7 session, but heard good things on twitter!

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