Office SP1 on Track for Late June 2011

Just a quick update, Microsoft is on track to deliver Office SP1 in late June, 2011 (here is the official announcement). Microsoft definitely recommends this update for all Office 2010 users.

For Access users, Ryan McMinn, Senior Program Manager Lead, posted on the Access team blog that there has been great work put into this service pack that further enhances the performance and security of Access. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Fixed issue in export to Excel to make sure it always export the data based on the current view.
  • Improved the performance of publishing client forms from Access with embedded images.

Additionally, if you're one of the few 64-bit Access users working with compiled Access databases (ACCDE, MDE, and ADE files), be sure to check out this KB article that details an update process you'll need to go through to have your files work properly with SP1.

You can provide feedback to the Access Team Blog here.

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