MSDN Webcast: Integrating SharePoint with Office 2010

In my conversations with SharePoint solutions developers, often I find there are those that haven’t been introduced to the possibilities of further extending their solutions to include the Office client applications. And often it’s just that they haven’t been exposed to some of the possibilities that include both no-code as well as code-based opportunities. In this MSDN Webcast, I provide a quick tour through several of the client applications that I’m hoping will spark some fresh ideas in how you might integrate SharePoint with Office 2010. This one hour webcast doesn’t even really scratch the surface of the host of opportunities, but it may get you pointed in a direction that can reap some productivity gains in your organization.

This webcast is available on demand and provides demos of Excel/Excel Services, InfoPath, Access, Visio & SharePoint Designer for workflow development, Business Connectivity Services, External Lists, taking data offline into SharePoint Workspace and Outlook and that’s all no-code! Then you can power up your Office apps using Visual Studio to build add-ins that can access SharePoint data. Building add-ins to land SharePoint data in Office was fully detailed here so I only callout the potential in this webcast. The webcast is free for viewing.





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