Office 2010 Developer Training Course on Channel 9 – Refreshed


To coincide with the Office 2010 Business Launch, I have provided a refresh of the Office 2010 developer training content on Channel 9 and its downloadable Office 2010 Developer Training Kit. All hands-on labs and source code have been refreshed and the HOLs are now available for viewing on Channel 9.

Eight new videos have also been added across three new modules, Access 2010, Application Compatibility and Core Office Development. 

  • The new Access 2010 videos cover getting started, an introduction to the new design tools and using web databases. The HOL has been refreshed.
  • The Application Compatibility videos discuss the new IT Pro tool, Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT), for assessing the enterprise environment and the Microsoft Office Code Compatibility Inspector tool for developers to help evaluate their VBA and VSTO code for Office 2010 compatibility. A HOL helps you get acquainted with these tools.
  • The Core Office Development videos cover working with data in Office, writing VBA code and core UI customization with VBA. The HOL highlights working with data in Office using Excel and document assembly in Word using VBA.

More good stuff!

Be sure to visit and see all the new content for Office 2010 on the Office Developer Center. And this blog brings a collection of handy links to the surface.

The new 2010 Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine (RTM) VHD has just been released for download as well. All the above Office 2010 developer content has been tested on this version of the VM. So download the VHD, install the Office 2010 Developer Training Kit and you will be all set. (See my blog post for a few additional setup steps for the PerformancePoint and Excel Services HOLs.)

Lastly, the SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Course on Channel 9 has been refreshed as well so be sure to check it out.



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