Microsoft Access 2010 Hands-on Lab on the Channel 9 Learning Center for Office 2010


For all those that haven’t experienced or want to further experience development with Access 2010, a new Access 2010 unit has been added to the Channel 9 Learning Center for Office 2010. The new Building Solutions with Access 2010 Lab consists of 5 exercises highlighting the new web database feature and touches on the new Macro Designer and Data Macros. The new Macro Designer provides developers with a much easier and efficient environment to work in and Data Macros are similar to triggers in SQL Server. Rather than embed business logic throughout forms, one can associate Data Macros with tables so that anytime a user updates a table, the business logic executes at the appropriate time. And web databases, via Access Services in SharePoint 2010, can be published to the web whether the SharePoint site is on premises or hosted. The lab exercises step you through the process of building a web compatible database. If you have a SharePoint 2010 site, you can publish to it. Otherwise, you can use Bing and search on “Microsoft Access 2010 Hosting” for hosting services that offer Access Services. Some of these offer a free trial service while Office 2010 is in Beta.

Please also note that you can download the HOL document by following the Document link on the lab’s home page.


The hands-on lab exercises are:

  • Exercise 1: Modifying the table structure of a web database
  • Exercise 2: Modifying a web form
  • Exercise 3: Creating a new web database form
  • Exercise 4: Creating a database macro
  • Exercise 5: Publish a database to the web

Additional Resources for Access 2010:

A huge thank you to Clint Covington and the Access team along with all the other Microsoft participants that worked on this lab. And a special thanks to Steve Hansen,, for all his work on the HOL.


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