Microsoft code Name Geneva Beta 2 Released

The availability of Microsoft code Name “Geneva” beta 2 was announced today at TechEd. This release is a significant step forward for the Geneva Server, Geneva Framework and Windows CardSpace Geneva. Check out the Geneva Team Blog for the specific advances made. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of beta 2 and Vittorio and I…


This week on The Id Element: Ruchi Bhargava on Windows CardSpace Geneva

This week I visited with Ruchi, a veteran on the Windows CardSpace team. She was one of the devs that wrote the earliest prototypes for CardSpace and lead the development team through the Windows CardSpace Geneva Beta 1 release. Ruchi shares insights and lessons learned from customer feedback regarding CardSpace v1 and where the team…


This week on The Id Element: Vijay Gajjala on the Geneva Server

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Vijay Gajjala, Sr. Program Manager on the Federated Identity team, and talk with him about his team’s work on the Geneva Server. He discusses a number of investment the team made in delivering the Beta 1 release.  Enjoy!


This Week on The Id Element: Hervey Wilson on the Geneva Framework

This week on “The Id Element” show Vittorio sat down with Hervey Wilson to discuss the Geneva Framework. To whet your appetite, here’s the show’s blurb: If you have been working with web services for some time on the Microsoft platform, you are certainly familiar with the name “Hervey Wilson”. Hervey is one of the…


Announcing “The Id Element” Show on Channel 9

Vittorio and I are announcing an all new show on called “The Id Element”. This show will provide interviews with Microsoft product group members and others around Identity. The corresponding Key Topics area is the one-stop shop for all things Identity on Channel 9. Here you’ll find links to related Channel 9 content…


Setting up Geneva Server for Issuing Managed Information Cards

I started this blog on the plane returning from The Experts Conference (TEC) 2009 in Las Vegas this past week where I had the opportunity to deliver a session about using AD FS, MOSS 2007 and AD RMS together – now there’s some moving parts!! But it’s really cool to have it all working across…


Wiring up the Geneva Framework Simple Claims-Aware Web Apps to Geneva Server

Ok, from the previous post, you built a Geneva Server VM for exploration. However, it’s not readily apparent how to wire up the Geneva Framework Simple Claims-Aware Web passive redirect applications. So let’s work that here. Disclaimer: This blog is not the source for official guidance regarding Microsoft Code Name “Geneva”. Please always refer to…


Creating Virtual Machines for Microsoft Code Name “Geneva” – Part 2

I trust you’ve had fun exercising the Geneva Framework Samples. Now let’s take the steps to build out a Geneva Server. Again, as mentioned in my previous post, if your intent is to build out the full working end-to-end scenario then follow the explicit guidance in the Geneva Step-by-Step Guide in the Downloads section of…


Creating Virtual Machines for Microsoft Code Name “Geneva” – Part 1

Sometimes one doesn’t know exactly what to do to get themselves setup with a new technology where they can isolate their testing. There have been some questions around how to do this with the Geneva technologies so thought I would pull some quick guidance together here. This is not meant to replace any other guidance,…


Novell Access Manager 3.1 interops with ADFS

In March of 2007 I had the opportunity to work with a Novell team to put together an interop demo between Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and the early bits of Access Manager 3.1 for Microsoft’s booth at Novell’s BrainShare Conference. At that time we demonstrated users from Active Directory and eDirectory accessing/collaborating on a…