Microsoft Office 2010 Blog Resources

Before I get to the numerous blog resources for Microsoft Office 2010 I want to mention that there are still some general registration openings for the SharePoint Conference. So if you’d like to go be sure and get signed up! For a great background on the history of SharePoint be sure to read Jeff Teper’s post on the SharePoint Team Blog.


In preparation for the conference or if you just can’t make it, I’ve pulled together a collection of Microsoft blogs around Office 2010. These provide the background and a taste of the amazing new capabilities the Office client applications and SharePoint bring to the information worker and business productivity overall for an enterprise. And for the developer, you’re going to love it – but that comes later. To build stand-alone components and applications or fully integrated business solutions on this platform – WOW! For now, give these a browse and get a sense for what you’ll be working with. I can’t say that this list is definitive, so will add others as I come across them or they come online.

Some additional goodies:


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