PHP drill down for enabling Information Card use with CardSpace Geneva by Intand’s Scott Otis

Last week I posted a video to The Id Element and described the work that Intand had done to enable their PHP S+S application to accept information cards from Geneva Server via Windows CardSpace Geneva for a prototype project with the Lake Washington School District and Microsoft. In a follow-up video interview, Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, Sr. Technical Evangelist - Interoperability, talks with Scott Otis, CIO, Intand. Scott first provides a demo of the PHP application using information cards for application access. Then he drills down into the PHP code to show exactly what it takes to information card enable a PHP application and access the claims. Thanks Scott and Jean-Christophe for providing this deeper look for PHP developers!


For more information about Microsoft’s work around interoperability, visit the Interoperability@Microsoft blog.


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