Presentation to Mountain View Chamber of Commerce – Vista, Office and Office Live

On Wednesday May 9 at 4:00 my colleague Ben Riga and I will be doing a keynote presentation to the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce called Microsoft for Small Business: Ready to Grow When You Are. We will demo Windows Vista, the new Office 2007 user interface, and Office Live.  No PowerPoints here, only demos….

What triggers Vista User Account Control?

Here is a great article from Ed Bott, where he lists the types of actions that require “elevation” to administrator status (straight from his new book).  Make sure to read the comments section to the post, these cleared up a number of questions for me.

Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

Killer list of Vista keyboard shortcuts here. My favorite – launch any application by hitting the WinKey and then start typing the name (e.g. Word) hit enter and it launches.  This is absolutely awesome.  I can’t stand trying to find an application by navigating through the Start Programs menu.  Now I never have to do…


Office 2007 Tips and Tricks Web Site

I just noticed this;  I guess I should have found this before but here it is: Office 2007 Tips and Tricks web site.  They have live and on-demand webcasts, newsletter archives and a bunch more great stuff related to Office 2007.  Oh, and there’s also a very cool Windows Vista tips&tricks web site too.  Some great…


Windows Vista: The choose your own adventure UI

Long Zheng’s blog is one to watch.  He’s got a great post that shows off Windows the four different Vista RC1 UI choices with several different applications: Aero Glass | Vista Standard | Vista Basic | Windows Classic.   Check it out!


10 Essential Tweaks For Vista RC1

Vista RC1 is sweet.  I had some trouble with the Beta 2 but RC1 is solid and I’m never going back to XP.  Ed Bott has put together a nice list of 10 Essential Tweaks for Vista RC1.  Definitely worth checking out if you’re running Vista.