eWeek Office SharePoint Server Beta 2 Review

“Judging by the beta version, Office SharePoint Server 2007 will be a welcome upgrade.”  From this review of Beta 2 from eWeek.  Some highlights of the review: By default, all pages and content created in SharePoint can be delivered to mobile devices in a text format. …provides, a cornucopia of new template options for quickly building…


Office 2007: No Training Required (well, almost)

This Ars Technica article and comments is a great discussion of the new Office 2007 User Interface.  I also found some pretty cool things in this article.  Like a one page PDF that covers everything a user would want to know about using an Office application with the new UI.And a nice set of interactive…


Getting the Office 2007 Beta and related downloads

My Colleague Doug Mahugh has a great write-up on how to get Office 2007 Beta 2 and related developer oriented downloads on his excellent blog. 


Office 2007 Beta 2 Launch

Office 2007 Beta 2 just launched on the MSDN Office Developer Center.  Check it out! Here you will find tons of new information about Office 2007.  My favorite is series of Screencasts covering “How Do I” Office 2007 development and customization topics.  They are short, impactful videos that walk you through these topics: Extending the Office…


Web Office

Rod Boothby’s paper on Web Office is a great vision piece on what the future of office productivity may look like. He discusses many examples of how Web 2.0 type applications are changing the landscape for how people get things done. Rod says that people graduating from college today will enter the workforce already familiar…


Blogging from Word 2007

Dare writes about Blogging from Word 2007.  This is in Beta 2 which will be available externally in the next week or two.  Joe Friend describes how to do it.  In Beta 2 it works with MSN Spaces, SharePoint 2007, Blogger, and Community Server (which is used for blogs.msdn.com). You can also set up a…


What is the most popular Office application?

Word is the most popular Office application, according to Google Trends.  Thanks for Steve Rubel’s MicroPersuasion post, 25 Things I Learned on Google Trends.


Mix06 – All Sessions Are Now Online

All of the Mix06 Sessions are Online Now – with a great new UI for finding/accessing them.  Michael Swanson does a nice description of the sessions.  Here is a quick summary from his post: All 52 sessions, including Bill’s keynote, 2 general sessions, 43 breakouts, and 6 discussions (whew!) Video of the presenters along with full-fidelity…


Mind Map of Office 2007 Resources

This mind map is my attempt to bring together many of the great new resources surrounding the Office 2007 launch.  Click on the thumbnail to view the larger, click-able image map.  I’ve also attached the MindManager (.mmap) file here in case you have MindManager.  If you don’t, you can also download the free viewer. Please…


Office 2007 Videos on Channel 9

Channel 9 has some nice video interviews with the Office product team members.  They are a great way to get an advance look at what will be coming in Office 2007.  Take a look at some of them on Channel 9