New Office Live Screencasts

I’ve just posted three brand new Office Live Screencasts.  Albert Shen, a software design engineer on the Office Live team recorded them and did a fantastic job showing how to use SharePoint Designer 2007 to customize the Office Live environment.  Here are direct links to the screencasts: 1. Office Live with SharePoint Designer 2. Using…


What is Office Live?

As part of our Software + Services vision outlined with the Live strategy, Office Live just launched today and is generating a lot of interest.  It is heating up and is one of the top projects I’m working on now.  So what is Office Live anyway?  This interview with Ray Ozzie sums it up nicely -…


Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

Killer list of Vista keyboard shortcuts here. My favorite – launch any application by hitting the WinKey and then start typing the name (e.g. Word) hit enter and it launches.  This is absolutely awesome.  I can’t stand trying to find an application by navigating through the Start Programs menu.  Now I never have to do…


Socialtext Releases SocialPoint

Socialtext released SocialPoint today, enabling Microsoft SharePoint deployments to leverage the Wiki Web Services that come with Socialtext 2.0.  Ross Mayfield, Socialtext CEO has some nice things to say about Microsoft.  Thanks Ross!  If you were at the Office 2.0 Conference in October, you probably noticed that Socialtext had a huge presence there.  I had…


Office 2007 Tips and Tricks Web Site

I just noticed this;  I guess I should have found this before but here it is: Office 2007 Tips and Tricks web site.  They have live and on-demand webcasts, newsletter archives and a bunch more great stuff related to Office 2007.  Oh, and there’s also a very cool Windows Vista tips&tricks web site too.  Some great…


Developer Map for 2007 Microsoft Office system

Another great post from Erika.  Definitely keep an eye on her blog.  She’s posted this image map for developers.   Make sure to visit her blog post because there it is a ‘clickable’ image map where you can just click on the area you are interested in and it will take you to relevant content.


Creating Screencasts for the web

I think screencasts and video blogs are an exciting way to show off new product capabilities.  Others think so too. We’ve had a lot of demand for the Office 2007 screencast virtual tours on MSDN and Channel9.  These are short, highly targeted features that show how to do a specific developer task in Office.  Take…


Congratulations Office 2.0 Conference!

Ismael Ghalimi produced the first Office 2.0 Conference at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco this week.  I attended and spoke on a panel called “Transitioning to Office 2.0”  along with TJ Kang, Robert Sutor, Sridhar Vembu, and Danny Kolke.  Rafe Needleman was the moderator. The premise of the conference was to generate debate…


RibbonX Changes in Office 2007 B2TR

If you have been developing custom Ribbon UI solutions like Mindjet or ClearContext, you’ve noticed that there have been some changes from Beta 2 to Beta 2 TR.  A quick summary of the changes to the schema that I ran into: <fileMenu> becomes <officeMenu> <advanced> becomes <dialogBoxLauncher> And the built-in Control IDs have changed as…


Introducing SlideShare: PowerPoint + YouTube

TechCrunch is covering an interesting new startup – SlideShare.  It helps solve the problem of sharing PowerPoint presentations without having to e-mail slides around.  Just publish your presentation to SlideShare and you can view it on the web, embed it in your blog, like videos and YouTube.  There are a few limitations right now, like…