The New World of Work

Bill Gates Keynote at CEO Summit and Executive Email On May 19th Bill gave the opening keynote at CEO Summit in Redmond.  The webcast of his keynote is located at  Bill will focus his talk on how the world of work is evolving, and how organizations that empower their information workers by embracing the…


Some details on IE7…

Are beginning to leak.  Microsoft Watch has some scoop… I hope they are right about including an RSS aggregator, and I hope it is as cool as the one coming in the next version of OSX Safari


OneNote Tips & Tricks

I’ve been using OneNote for over a year and it is one of my favorite applications.  It easily saves me 2-3 hours a week. Recently I came across this OneNote Tips & Tricks video and I can’t believe all the new tips I learned!  If you’re a OneNote user, it’s definitely worth watching this…


Martin Taylor interviewed on Slashdot

Martin Taylor – Microsoft GM – did an interview at Slashdot recently.  Tough crowd, and he did a great job.  You can listen to the MP3 or read the transcript if you’re interested in hearing Microsoft’s thinking around open source.


Tips and Tricks for increased Office Productivity

Discover how to get the most out of Microsoft Office System to save time and be more productive. Tune in to these live and on-demand webcasts to learn time-saving tips for optimizing your use and your team’s use of today’s Microsoft Office System. Explore products such as Microsoft Outlook 2003, Word 2003, Excel 2003, OneNote…


First Office Developer Conference

Last week Microsoft held their first Office Developer conference in Redmond.  I attended and found it to be packed full of solid details on Office 2003 development topics such as InfoPath, Visual Studio Tools for Office, SharePoint Development, and more.  There were about 800 attendees and the buzz level was high.  Bill Gates talked on the last…


Gates CNet Interview Snippet

I like this snippet from his recent CNet Interview “We, with our Office franchise, are committed to making workers far, far more productive than they are today. And believe me, we’re not running out of ideas. The phone is inefficient today with phone tag and busy signals. E-mail is inefficient today with seeing stuff…