Office Live Visual Mindmap

What is Office Live?  What does it mean for web-savvy developers?  Here is my attempt to bring things together in one of my favorite ways – a mindmap.    Simply put, Office Live is a set of web-based services for small businesses to manage their business online.  It consists of a public facing web site for their…


Under The Radar | Why Office 2.0 Matters

This promises to be an interesting conference – Why Office 2.0 Matters.  On March 23 at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View (where I work), it is attracting a lot of great start-up talent. I’ll get to see many of my friends from the Office 2.0 Conference last October.  Under the Radar will showcase 32 emerging,…


What triggers Vista User Account Control?

Here is a great article from Ed Bott, where he lists the types of actions that require “elevation” to administrator status (straight from his new book).  Make sure to read the comments section to the post, these cleared up a number of questions for me.


Here’s a good idea: Excel Services for Office Live

My friend Steve Hansen from Office Zealot posted a very interesting scenario for how Office Live could leverage Excel Services.  Almost everybody in a small or medium business uses spreadsheets, right?  Well allowing them to easily publish those spreadsheets to the Office Live service and have them rendered in the browser would be a powerful capability. 


What is a Technical Evangelist? A new study…

From Guy Kawasaki’s blog, a new study by Frederic Lucas-Conwell looks at what a technical evangelist is and what motivates them (us).   Here is the abstract from the study: The purpose of this study was to gain a clearer understanding of the relatively new phenomenon known as the “technology evangelist.” By our exploration, we aim…