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I've been using OneNote for over a year and it is one of my favorite applications.  It easily saves me 2-3 hours a week. Recently I came across this OneNote Tips & Tricks video and I can't believe all the new tips I learned!  If you're a OneNote user, it's definitely worth watching this...

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this, sorry for such a late reply but finally this weekend I got a chance to go through all these webcasts. I loaded one note a while ago and it sits down there in the tray and I use it basically as a repository of some cool things I find in the blogs. Didn’t really have a lot of time to just play with it, Well after watching these I was extremely impressed with it’s ability beyond what I was doing.

    Thanks again.

  2. abdullah says:

    I have a question. I find that changing the stationery on a page leads to loss of the data on the page. Also if you put info again and change stationery again, you cant undo back to the original state… any ideas?

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