I recently got my hands on a shiny new Motion M1400 Tablet PC

What a great machine.  Check out the PC Magazine review.   I've been using it for about two weeks now and it's fast, light and quiet.  Because I'm using the new Windows XP SP2 RC1 the ink support is awesome!

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  1. Sean says:

    Awesome, got one myself based on that PC Magazine review and explictly for the purpose of teched — I love it..

    OneNote SP1 preview is awesome.. as are the powertoys..

    Got the snap-on keyboard w/ built in stand with mine.. the keyboard layout is just a little too funky.

    Got a little Bluetooth GPS device, was pretty neat war-shuttle-bussing in San Diego (man, there’s alot of access points downtown)


    Picked up a USB powered portable DVD/CDRW drive from newegg, unfortunately the USB port from the M1400 doesn’t provide sufficient power to properly power the drive.. so I’m still stuck lugging yet another power adapter along..

    Wants: Rubber Grip, Extra battery, maybe that neat charger they have..

  2. Wow. Lucky. I want one too. Does it run too hot? My only concern…

  3. Don Campbell says:

    Well, it definitely generates heat, but it is not too hot to hold and use. There is a "cover" that snaps off and snaps on the back during use and that helps. Overall not an issue so far.

    The previous tablet I had generated a lot of fan noise and was still very hot. The Motion is very quiet.

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