Welcome to my WebLog.  I joined Microsoft about 1 year ago and work in the Information Worker business unit.  There is an exciting transformation going on inside Microsoft around the new Microsoft Office System and Information Worker productivity. 


With this latest release, Microsoft Office has transformed from a suite of personal productivity applications to a "platform" for Information Worker productivity.  There are many new exciting ways to use and extend Office, and many new applications as well.


This will be the central theme of my WebLog, and I plan to cover topics such as:


  • New development capabilities in Office like XML Schema support, Smart Documents, Visual Studio Tools for Office, InfoPath and Research and Reference.
  • New applications in Office such as OneNote, InfoPath, Sharepoint Portal Server.
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Tools and neat Office extensions


I was inspired by weblogs such as Marc Orchant's The Office Weblog, Omar Shahine's blog and many others.  I picked up so many great tips, insights and tools from their blogs and others that I caught the fever.


Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you find something useful and/or fun here!


Take care,


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  1. far from M.east says:

    welcome .

    offtopic . will it be good for MSFT to make OFFICE apps look like the VS IDE , well , i mean , if i can open all documents (doc ,ppt ,xsl , mdb ….. etc ) from the same window … IOE ( Integrated Office Environment )

  2. Don Campbell says:

    Great point, I agree that would be a good usability feature. There used to be something called the Office Binder but that is no longer a part of Office. Unofficially, I think they are looking at something very cool like this for a future version of Office.

  3. Marc Orchant says:

    Thanks for the kind words Don! You’re making me blush ;^)

    Glad you were inspired enough to give it a go yourself. You’re in my aggregator – amaze and astonish me!

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