Onward and Upward

This is my last post on my Microsoft blog.  I’ve had a great 4.5 years here at Microsoft.  Met some amazing people, and played with some cool technology.  Now I’m moving on to do my own thing.  I’ll be blogging about Office 2.0, Web 2.0, and all kinds of technology in general over at my…


Whirlwind Tour of Maui

I know this isn’t related to the tech industry, but a few weeks ago I visited my sister in Maui for her graduation.  This was my first time to Maui, and it was such a fantastic trip I had to write up a little travelogue about it.  My sister lives there and gave me a…


New Look for Office Live Developer Portal

The entire Office Developer Portal on MSDN has been redesigned, including the Office Live section.  The result is a nice clean look, with less navigation required to get were you’re going.  The excellent MSDN team is constantly coming up with improvements to the content and the site.


Popfly and SharePoint Integration

Here is a great post by Mike Gannotti – how to integrate Popfly mashups with SharePoint.  He also published a screen cast.  What I think is compelling about this – he was able to create a mashup with Popfly that can be published to any web page, SharePoint site, or as a Gadget on your Vista…


PopFly, Silverlight and Office Live

Microsoft disclosed  Popfly today, as the “fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, Web pages, and applications.”  We will be showing it off at Maker Faire this weekend.  Mary Jo Foley and TechCrunch have some nice coverage of Popfly as well. Popfly – which is based on Silverlight – consists of two parts: 1)…


The Small Business Marketplace

Do you know who employs 98% of the entire workforce worldwide? Do you know which market has 3 million businesses in the US alone which drives $14 Billion?  Did you also know that only 49% of these businesses had a web site in 2005, even though two-thirds of them in the US have high-speed Internet connectivity? …


Learn How To Develop for Office Live

Learn about the opportunity that Office Live represents for developers at one of our upcoming Office Live reviews.  Do you build software solutions and/or provide services to small business?  Do you want to create an additional stream of income with a low technical barrier of entry?  Are you interested in knowing how to take advantage…


Presentation to Mountain View Chamber of Commerce – Vista, Office and Office Live

On Wednesday May 9 at 4:00 my colleague Ben Riga and I will be doing a keynote presentation to the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce called Microsoft for Small Business: Ready to Grow When You Are. We will demo Windows Vista, the new Office 2007 user interface, and Office Live.  No PowerPoints here, only demos….


Office Live @ Mix07

Well Mix07 was a blast.  My colleague Rohit Puri and I did a session on Office Live for Designers and Developers.  We had 70-80 people in the audience and got a lot of questions.  We did our Northwind Inn demo, which shows many of the ways you can customize and extend Office Live like:   Customizing the…