Twitter Etiquette (Twittiquette)

twitter_logoWith Twitter now becoming the place to be seen within the social networking and micro blogging scenes, everyone from Bill Gates (allegedly), CNN and even the legendary Stephen Fry has a Twitter account. Breaking news is reported here first, whether it be tech news from events such as PDC or terrorist attacks around the world. Numerous web sites have been spawned from the phenomenon, whether it be ranking sites, grouping via hashtags or just Facebook integration it seems like Twitter is here to stay.

However one subject that is rarely touched is the etiquette behind Twitter and what tweets and actions are socially acceptable, the following are a list that I have put together after my experiences.

Facebook Integration is great for making sure that you do not have to update your status on numerous sites and waste even more of your day with trivial tasks. But just remember that just because someone isn't using Twitter they will still be able to read any abuse you post there via your status updates on Facebook. This could get you into a lot of trouble.default_profile_bigger

Default Profile Pictures are used as a place holder until you get the chance to upload your own picture don't keep them longer than a week. Contrary to what most people will tell you we actually do want to see what you look like ;).

Tweet Spam, yes we've all seen it someone using 2 or 3 tweets to vent there anger on a subject or just because what there doing is that cool, but remember the draw of twitter in the beginning was the short snap shots of goodness. If you feel like you need to use more than this limit write a blog post and tweet the URL.

Tiny URL is a life saver now that were all counting characters, however using it to Rick Roll  or generally course trouble isn’t big or clever.

Tweeting is not a conversation using twitter to have a conversation with someone using @chat is a big no no, especially when you have numerous of the same people following you both. If you want to have a conversation log onto IM. This is nearly as bad as tweet spam.

Twitpic is one of those great sites to come out of the tweet boom, allowing us to tweet in pictures as with the word limit we all know pictures speak a thousand words. However, if the picture is not safe for work (NSFW) make sure you tell your followers.

In for a penny in for a pound, if your going to tweet don’t just dip your toe and run away stay for the long hall and actively get involved, its amazing the colourful characters you will meet on there.

ReTweet, dont just steal someones great and insightful tweet and label it as your own, give the proper respect to that person and Retweet there original post.

One way communication, is one of the great things about twitter you can just post your idea out the the masses and not have to worry about dealing with reply’s unlike with IM’s or texts so don't get annoyed if some doesn't tweet back at you, its nothing personal.

Feel free to add to my list, and tell me what really grinds your gears on twitter. @domgreen

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