UK MSDN Flash – 4th November 2009

Last week I had an article featured in the UK MSDN Flash magazine, the article was describing how I have set up your automated builds to deploy to Windows Azure using the recently released management services. The article “Deploying to the Cloud as Part of Your Daily Build” can be found here. You can also…


Increase Productivity – Go Mouse-less

As part of the AltNetWorkshop Roy, told all his students in the class to STOP using the mouse when developing in visual studio and instead only use the keyboard and the tools that you have at your disposal. Initially dumping the mouse and using only the keyboard to navigate, refactor and develop was daunting and…


AltNetWorkshop – Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development (TDD) has always been a subject that I have heard lots about, and thought of as a very idealistic almost academic approach to software development. However, when I heard that Seb over at AltNet was organising a TDD workshop with Roy Osherove (ISerializable) the TDD guru himself, I couldn’t resist trying to…


Deploying to the Cloud as Part of Your Daily Build

I have recently been working on a big Azure application that we have been wanting to deploy to the cloud and test, to make sure that no unexpected bugs occur whilst the application is in the wild and give the opportunity to see how it performs. Now the big problem has been deploying our application…


Microsoft Student Partner – Azure Development 101

Last week saw a new intake of Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) converge on Microsoft UK, for a 2 day event kicking off the academic year. During the two days the students had various presentations from people all around the business ranging from talks on Azure, Social Media, Microsoft Surface and presentation training talk from Nicolas…


Azure CTP – Worker Role App.Config

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get into a real pickle when trying to run a Azure application after upgrading to the latest CTP. After an hour of furiously checking my code and being convinced it was correct, I gave in and Binged to try and find why my program wasn’t running correctly….


UK Azure Events

There are a number of Azure and Cloud Computing events coming up in the UK (mainly based in London) below are a few that I have found: CloudCamp – London 24/09/2009 CloudCamp is an unconference where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. With the rapid change occurring in the industry, we need a…


Comparing Two Images in C#

I’ve recently been doing a bit of work generating images, I have also need to compare the images that I generate with an image that has already exists. I found a number of web sites that suggested the following way of comparing two images, by cycling through each pixel in an image and returning false…


CloudCamp – London

CloudCamp London #5 24th September 2009 Microsoft Offices, Victoria   CloudCamp seems like a great opportunity for any budding Cloud developers to get together and share idea’s, war stories and not to forget a few cheeky beers. Will be really good to get some of the opinions from some of the guys (and girl…


Steve Marx explains “What is Windows Azure?”

One of the questions that is still being asked by people both within the tech industry and outside is “What is Windows Azure?” to answer this question Steve Marx a Microsoftie who works on Windows Azure has put together this great hand drawn video. This is a great video giving a high (ish) level overview…