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Now that OneNote 2007 Beta 2 has been out for a couple of days, I'm curious to hear your thoughts.  While I'm probably directly responsible for your gripes regarding: Migration, Tables, Drag and Drop, along with the updated UI, I'd love to hear your feedback regardless! What do you like?  What works well?  And more importantly, what isn't so great?  What would you like to see changed?

Also: please report those bugs!  Dan Escapa, one of our PMs, posted instructions on his blog about how to go about sending us your pesky issues.  Click away.  We really do read them.

And for those interested in what's new on the extensibility front, do be sure to check out: What's New for Developers in OneNote 2007 Part 1 and Part 2

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  1. dbezona says:

    Beta 2 is looking quite nice.

    While I realize this is more an OS issue than a OneNote issue, I am still holding out hope of full tablet support for the desktop OSes for those of us who use drawing tablets – being able to have the handwriting recognition in OneNote using my Wacom tablet would be incredibly handy.

  2. jeffrey_t_b says:

    Thanks, Donovan!  Beta 2 does look nice, and if you had anything to do with tables, than I salute you.

    I have already submitted a bug to the connect site (dealing with shared notebooks on an https WebDav server), and I hope to add a couple more as I find time to play around with some more.  The search stuff seems a little unstable, and "make text in image searchable" has crashed the poor thing more than once.  (But I think that the most natural thing would be for migrated notes to automatically have this done.)

    Blog suggestion:  Why not explain the design process behind the new OneNote API?  (Jensen Harris has become a bit of a celebrity talking about the design process of the Office UI.  Why not API design?)

  3. Blair says:

    Onenote 2007 Beta 2 overall is awesome. I really like many of the features that have been added.

    My one dissapointment is the change that got rid of "handles" while you are inking. I know that some people were annoyed by them, but once you got used to them, it was very fast to write an outline in a meeting, and re-arrange items very quickly. Now, when I want to re-arrange, I have two issues:

    1) I have to switch to selection mode (bearable, but annoying)

    2) I have to contend with what the recognizer thought was a "line". Many times, The recognizer thinks that multiple lines are all one long line when they’re not – even when I’ve indented one of the lines. Since it often thinks that an extra line is part of the "line" I want to move, I have to stop, insert the cursor, and add a carriage return to force the line separation. This, with a stylus, is a real slow-down.

    Wish there was some option to turn on handles when you wanted them…

  4. Ka7mai says:

    Jeffrey_t_b: That’s a great idea — but unfortunately I haven’t been as involved in the design of the OneNote 2007 extensibility work, so don’t really feel comfortable talking about the design.  However, Dan Escapa (on is the PM who owns the feature, and he’s been blogging quite a bit about extensibility related issues.  

    Blair: Have you tried the B2TR update?  We made quite a few fixes with InkAnalysis that should make life better with auto-recognition of multiple lines.  Also, if you have a button on your stylus, you can lasso select in ink mode without having to switch to the selection tool.

    Hope this helps,


  5. Blair says:

    Hi Donovan,

    Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate your hints. I am working with B2TR, and have now tried the lasso selection. Is there some way to "convert" a lasso selection to a "line" selection, so that I can then move the text up and down my outline (you know, with other lines moving around it)?

    What I *was* able to do with lasso selection was move a line I thought I’d indented sufficiently (maybe half an inch) over some more to the right (to maybe 3/4 of an inch) and then it was recognized as indented. *Then* I was able to switch to select mode and move the line up and down in my outline.

    So I went back to the document I was writing above, and wrote some new lines, some of which were indented *to the same 3/4 inch* as the lines above. These lines, however, were not recognized as indented, but rather were considered continuations of the outdented line above!

    Is there some minimum threshold for how far in I must indent, or how consistently I must indent, for it to be recognized? Is there some way I can "hint" to the InkAnalyzer so that it will more correctly perceive my indentation? It seems like there used to be (for OneNote 2003) some kind of "best tips for inking" help. Does this exist for 2007?

    Hope the above doesn’t sound like griping, just trying to get the best functionality out of this great tool.


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