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Unless you took the day off yesterday, you probably heard that there's a new service pack in town.  What with all that goodness included, you'd best be installing.  And quick, too.  You won't want to miss this.

The first two PowerToys for OneNote SP1 are now available for general download.

That's right.  Walk -- don't run -- to the nearest Office Download Center and you too can be the very proud owner of some cute purple powertoys.  Introducing Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer and Send to OneNote from Outlook.  Even MSN agrees: purple is in this fall.

(Oh, and don't let the about dialogs fool you.  David and Omar did all the heavy lifting on these.  They rock.)

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  1. Ken Ent says:

    The Outlook version will not install. When Outlook loads, it is looking for a "Send to OneNote from Outlook.msi" file which is apparently not installed. Same occurs if you try to activate the add-in via Tools|Options|Com Add-ins.

  2. Hi Ken,

    Yeah, there appears to be a bug in the installer.

    One easy trick that seems to work pretty well is to open the downloaded .exe with WinZip, extract the one and only MSI in the archive – and use that file when prompted by Outlook.

    Apologies for the inconvenience,


  3. Unbelievable! says:

    How in the hell could this bug exist 2 years and so many downloads later?


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