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AJ has been working busily on the documentation of the OneNote DataImport APIs.  This morning, he posted an early draft to his blog.  (Introduction here, as well as our complete XML schema.)  Hats off to Andrew for his incredible work on this!  Go show him some love.  🙂

I'll try and post some more complicated DataImport examples here in the near future, and I'd also like to talk about some of the design decisions that we went through, various tips & tricks, etc; but until then -- what questions do you have? 

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  1. Jeff B. says:

    I was surprised and pleased to see the new extensibility API… Good job in getting that in there.

    I suspect that your team’s ability to include any kind of API in SP1 is related to the sparseness of CSimpleImporter. An "Office-like" API, with the full set of collections and such, would certainly be a huge amount of work to test (and document for that matter). And, looking at the API, one might guess that the internal structure of OneNote doesn’t really work the same way that the other Office applications do. On the other hand, the richer API enables a lot of entry-level programmers to write useful macros and such, because of the excellent tool support (like Intellisense in VBA). The process of sending the XML string into the Import function is almost like calling IDispatch without the typelibs.

    Still, I’m glad that your team made the decision that it did. I would much rather have some method of programmically interacting with my favorite new tool (OneNote), than no way to tinker at all.

    Can you give any thoughts on where the API might go in the future?

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