Speaking of hot:

Darron Devlin just released two new PowerToys: a OneNote Image Writer (a virtual printer driver that can be used to print any document directly to your OneNote notebook) and WebPageToOneNote (adds a button to your IE toolbar that captures an image of the current webpage into your notebook). Go. Click. Now.


Get it while it’s hot!

Unless you took the day off yesterday, you probably heard that there’s a new service pack in town.  What with all that goodness included, you’d best be installing.  And quick, too.  You won’t want to miss this. The first two PowerToys for OneNote SP1 are now available for general download. That’s right.  Walk — don’t run –…


Caution: addictive material! Handle with care.

It was more difficult than we expected. Our fingers are exhausted, and we won’t even talk about the truly frightening quantities of Mt. Dew that were consumed. The end result: a shiny pile of ones and zeros we think you’ll want to meet. Previously I hinted that Omar, David and myself have been collaborating on…


Mixed Metaphors

I’ve been meaning to talk about some of the design decisions regarding OneNote DataImport for a while now… If OneNote was a house, you could think of our SP1 as the ultimate in remodelling.  Trading Spaces on crack: new hardwood floors, reupholstered furniture, a bit of paint, and let’s not forget the nice new kitchet cabinets.  It’s pretty fancy. …


OneNote Power Toys

Chris Pratley recently mentioned various ideas for OneNote Power Toys.  Personally, I’d really like to see: A Journal Importer that cracks open journal files, creates a new page (in a user specified section) in the OneNote Notebook, and then imports all of the ink content from the journal file into the newly created page. A generic Print…


Ask and ye shall receive

AJ has been working busily on the documentation of the OneNote DataImport APIs.  This morning, he posted an early draft to his blog.  (Introduction here, as well as our complete XML schema.)  Hats off to Andrew for his incredible work on this!  Go show him some love.  🙂 I’ll try and post some more complicated DataImport examples here in the near future, and I’d also like to…


Bigger than a breadbox?

Since posting our SP1 Preview to the web, we’ve gotten a lot of requests for documentation on our new DataImport APIs — newsgroup posts, emails, blog entries, the guy standing outside of my apartment this morning — all asking the same thing.  “What is this extensibility you speak of?“,  “What does it do?“, and “You have…


Inaugural Post

First, the boring stuff: Hi, I’m Donovan.  I’ve been a developer on Microsoft Office OneNote since starting at Microsoft last June.  (As the latest addition to our developer team, people just call me the new guy.  That’s “Mr. New Guy” to you. 🙂  This isn’t my only blog — from time to time, I’ve been…