Windows Insider Program – 1 Million Registrations

Today Joe Belfiore announced on the Blogging Windows blog that the Windows Insider Program has reached the 1 million registrations milestone which equates to a lot of people using the Windows 10 Technical Preview. You can read more in the blog post – Checking in on the Windows Insider Program.

Join the Windows Insider Program today!

Want to join the conversation about Windows 10 announced yesterday and provide feedback as we build the next version of Windows?  Join the Windows Insider Program today and download the Windows Technical Preview.

Announcing Windows 10

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore this morning unveiled the next version of Windows which had until now been known by the internal code name “Threshold”.  You can read more about the announcement today from this blog post written by Terry Myerson himself: Announcing Windows 10. Kevin Gallo today blogged about Universal Windows apps on…