30 To Launch Windows 8


During the month of June we are throwing down a Windows 8 app challenge in San Francisco. . . Join us over 4 weeks to build your Windows 8 app and a chance to win exciting prizes!


Week 1:
· Business Opportunity for Windows 8
· Designing Apps with Metro Principles and the Windows Personality

Week 2:
· How Metro style apps drive end user impact
· Building Metro style apps with HTML and JavaScript
· Creating Windows 8 Metro Style User Interface (UI)

Week 3:
· Bring Your App to Life with Live Tiles and Push Notifications
· Integrating with key Windows 8 features

Week 4:
· Applying the finishing touches
· The Business Opportunity Continued: Monetizing your app
· The Windows Store



181 Fremont St
San FranciscoCalifornia94105
United States

Language(s): English.

Product(s): Windows.

Audience(s): Architect, Designer and Pro Dev/Programmer.

**Please note: to be eligible for a prize you must attend at least the first and last session.

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