New Disney Tron Legacy Site Comes Alive With HTML5 in Internet Explorer 9

Another exciting use of HTML5 with Windows Internet Explorer 9 is the new Disney Tron Legacy Digital Book site, learn more about this exciting experience from the Microsoft News Center.

Discover other amazing examples of HTML5 experiences developed by other sites on the Beauty of the Web.


Want to build some amazing experiences using HTML5 like those within the Disney Tron Legacy Digital Book site, HTML5 Canvas by Steve Fulton and Jeff Fulton is an excellent resource for learning all about the new HTML5 <canvas/> and how it can be used to create immersive graphical experiences

Of course, using the HTML5 <canvas/> tag requires that you’re able to use the programming language of the Web, JavaScript. Without a doubt the best resource for any JavaScript developer, from the novice to the expert, is JavaScript The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan.

I have read both of these books and would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn or master HTML5 <canvas/> and JavaScript!

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