We’re Hiring – Northern California Developer Evangelist

Are you passionate about software development and discussing new and emerging technologies with fellow developers?

As a Developer Evangelist within Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism team you’ll have the opportunity to be immersed in new and emerging technologies and then discuss these technologies with developers within your local community as well as around the world through the blogosphere and social media.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity to become a Developer Evangelist in Microsoft, and if interested, feel free to contact me as I’d love to talk to you more about life as an evangelist at Microsoft.

Microsoft Careers: Job ID: 740750

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  1. aftabarif says:

    Dear Doholloan,

    I want to ask you if there is any hiring from Pakistan. I am currently, completing my software engineering, a year to go, and I am enthusiastic about getting a job, at Microsoft.

    Kindly help me out that what are the technologies-learned, you are expecting from an engineering student, from Pakistan?



    3rd year CS Undergrad. Student

    National University of

    Computer & Emerging Sciences,

    Lahore, Pakistan

  2. Doug Holland says:

    Hey Aftab,

    Congratulations on graduation and good luck with finding a career. I'm not familair with the Microsoft careers in Pakistan or that general area of the world although I would encourage you to look on the Microsoft Careers website and search by country or region.

    Good luck!

    – Doug

  3. Umer Farooq says:

    Hello Doug, it's great to see that Microsoft is hiring and I am very interested in developing world class softwares with world class developers of Microsoft. I have got a whole bunch of questions regarding careers in Microsoft

    1-) Which technology is used most in Microsoft C++? C# .NET? or any other technology like Java?

    2-) What team are you hiring for and what EXACTLY do you expect us to know? I mean which technology and what other skills do you think we should have?

    3-) Which software methodology is used most in Microsoft teams?

    4-) Does Microsoft support higher education for it's graduate employees?

    Umer Farooq

    Final Year under graduate student

    National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (formerly known as FAST) Karachi Campus

    Vice Chair

    ACM Chapter of NUCES Karachi

  4. Melisa Wilson says:

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    Melisa Wilson

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