Share your Windows Experience Index online


Got a truly awesome Windows Experience Index (WEI) on your PC or planning on purchasing a new PC or even upgrading an existing PC?

You should then check out WEI Share “We Share” - A Community of Windows Experience Index Scores, that allows you score your PC and then publish the resulting WEI score to the website and even to facebook. If you are considering purchasing upgrades or a new PC the associated WEI scores of that hardware can also be found on the website.


Source code for the WEI Share project can be found on CodePlex:

Channel 9 video: WEI Share: Share your Windows 7 Experience Index

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  1. pmbAustin says:

    Why don't reviews of PCs and laptops ever specify the windows experience index scores?  It'd make comparison shopping much easier.  But to date, I've never seen a single review list them.

  2. Doug Holland says:

    I would agree that displaying the base WEI score for PC's from companies such as Dell and HP would be an awesome thing for those comparing machines. It maybe difficult though, beyond the base configuration, to specify the WEI score that you could expect after you have configured the PC beyond the base configuration.

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