NASA Astronaut Training Experience

While on vacation in Florida with my family I attended the NASA Astronaut Training Experience with my dad and was able to do two things that I have wanted to do since watching the movie Space Camp in 1986, ride the multi-axis trainer and fly a full size space shuttle simulator.

The multi-axis trainer simulates the disorientation astronauts would experience in a tumble spin during reentry into the earth’s atmosphere. Astronauts in the early Mercury program flew in a similar device, for as long as 15 minutes at a time. While I wasn’t exactly keeping track of time I was in the MAT for somewhere between one and two minutes. You might wonder if I would like to ride the MAT again and I have to say the experience was awesome and I’d love to do it all over again.

DSC00231   DSC00234 DSC00235

After riding the multi-axis trainer it was time for our class to select the crew positions for our mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in the shuttle simulator. I was fortunate enough to be selected as the shuttle commander and after our visit to the ISS was complete it was time to head home for runway 33 at Kennedy Space Center. I’m not sure if the few hundred landings in Cessna’s helped although I was able to bring the Space Shuttle Inspiration, the name of the full-scale simulator, back to earth on the centerline.

DSC00219 DSC00220 DSC00221

Another awesome aspect of the astronaut training experience was meeting and having a conversation with astronaut Sam Durrance, who flew on Columbia STS-35 and Endeavor STS-67.


I’d highly recommend checking out the NASA Astronaut Training Experience on your next visit to Florida.

Comments (2)

  1. Multi Axis Trainer says:

    Though I wasn't given the chance to be in for 15 minutes, unfortunately, I was able to ride one at our local museum when I was about 14 during Astronaut Day. Because my grandmother had connections there, we got to go a bit before opening, and they were setting a MAT up outside. I of course asked to try it, and so they strapped me in.

    30 seconds later, they said "Ok, we're going to stop you now," and I just went "No! Let me keep going!" So they shrugged and kept me going. After a minute, they asked if they should stop me now, and I again asked to keep going. Finally, they just said "Let us know when you want to get down," and left me spinning.

    I was on there for probably close to 10 minutes, loving every minute I might add, before another family came along, and they took me down to let someone else try. I don't know the exact time I was in it, but they told me that they were impressed, and my grandmother had given up waiting for me and gone into the museum. I suppose that counts for something.

  2. Doug Holland says:

    That's awesome!

    I'd like to go again sometime.

    – Doug

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