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  1. Vikram Gupta says:

    Thanks Don, with help of your article, I could investigate and resolve error being logged on our SQL Server

    1. Thank you Vikram for the feedback.

  2. John Marsh says:

    Thanks Don,
    This article helped me troubleshoot and resolve a Production issue.

  3. Sai Repalle says:

    Thanks Don, This article guided me right direction to resolve issue

  4. rayudu says:

    Thanks Don,For sharing detail info on issue.

  5. Thanks Don, but the solution didn’t work for me. The problem always occurs by logging in using Windows Authentication on the sql server itself. On any other client there is no problem using the same credentials. This is on our new SQL2017 server. On our SQL 2016 server we do not have this problem and it resides in the same domain/network.

    1. Hello Gregory,

      Couple of things to check here are:
      1. Is the connectivity breaking only for Windows authentication or SQL authentication as well?
      2. If its SSPI error while connecting to SQL instance, then any errors reported in security logs? What is the error code reported? can you print the error message reported in error log here?

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