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"Corporate" Blog of Daniele Muscetta, Premier Field Engineer.

Monitoring SQL Backup Failures with Azure Operational Insights Search and Dashboards

Besides the SQL Server Assessment Intelligence Pack, you can also use Log Management functionality to collect the ‘Application’ event log from your SQL Servers and monitor activity from it with search. For example, this is my simple recipe for finding SQL Backup Failures Type=Event EventID=3041 EventLog=Application Source=MSSQLSERVER That’s it. I can see in my workspace… Read more

Improved ACS Partitions Query

This has been sitting on my hard drive for a long time. Long story short, the report I posted at Permanent Link to Audit Collection Services Database Partitions Size Report had a couple of bugs: it did not consider the size of the dtString_XXX tables but only the size of dtEvent_XXX tables – this would… Read more

OpsMgr Agents and Gateways Failover Queries

The following article by Jimmy Harper explains very well how to set up agents and gateways’ failover paths thru Powershell . This is the approach I also recommend, and that article is great – I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t done it yet! Anyhow, when checking for the actual failover… Read more

Got Orphaned OpsMgr Objects?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if, in Operations Manager, you’d delete a Management Server or Gateway that managed objects (such as network devices) or has agents pointing uniquely to it as their primary server? The answer is simple, but not very pleasant: you get ORPHANED objects, which will linger in the database but… Read more