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"Corporate" Blog of Daniele Muscetta, Premier Field Engineer.

Using Wire Data in Operations Management Suite Log Search

A little while ago we enabled in the OMS Portal the first iteration of a ‘Wire Data’ solution – check it out in the Solutions Gallery if you haven’t. We didn’t make it in time to formally announce it on the ‘momteam’ blog, but Stas has given us coverage anyways. So here’s a slightly more… Read more

W3C IIS Logs Search in Microsoft Azure Operational Insights

[Edited October 27th 2014 – System Center Advisor is now a part of the new Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – Click to learn more] Last week we enabled the collection of IIS Logs from your Operations Manager agents into System Center Advisor. if you are already using Advisor, you’ll notice we don’t just talk about… Read more

Repost: Useful SetSPN tips

I just saw that my former colleague (PFE) Tristan has posted an interesting note about the use of SetSPN “–A” vs SetSPN “–S”. I normally don’t repost other people’s content, but I thought this would be useful as there are a few SPN used in OpsMgr and it is not always easy to get them… Read more

Rootkit Detectors

MS Research has published some papers about Rootkit technologies and especially RootKit detection: This stuff is VERY GOOD to read, and has been positively commented by a lot of people, including Bruce Schneier: The straightforward links to some of these papers are: Detecting Stealth Software with Strider GhostBuster tech report course I am not… Read more

Physical Security (Bug Id: LUCA)

My kids are – of course – “button freaks”: they both love buttons and keys and knobs, and all of that category of things… and of course you could not expect anything different from a family of geeks with all sort of devices in the house. Having said this, I figured out again that I must re-implement “physical security”… Read more

MOM (=MY dear Operations Manager)

On Channel9 India, Vij Rajarajan speaks about MOM MOM is a product I love. It is an amazing technology. Back then it was already, and Microsoft saw it.Saying “back then” I am referring to some years ago; in fact, I have been working with MOM a long time ago, actually before it got the first “M” in its… Read more