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"Corporate" Blog of Daniele Muscetta, Premier Field Engineer.

Operations Manager 2012 SP1 BETA is out, and some cool things you might not (yet) know about it

It has been a couple of months since we released the CTP2 release (I had blogged about that here ) and we have now reached the Beta milestone! Albeit you might have already seen a number of posts about this last week (i.e. or, I see the information on the blogs so… Read more

Java, Ruby, Python, Apache, RedHat caps and the rest…

I’ve already written a post on the corporate blog about people using Unix and OSS: and now I figure out there’s plenty of more crazy people out there. Check out these two posts for example (both referring to the same episode, from the two guy’s perspectives…): Another person with these attitudes is Dare, comparing C# and… Read more

Consuming MapPoint Web Service in PHP

I’ve just spotted this *wonderful* article :“Consuming MapPoint Web Service in PHP” shows how to interact with MapPoint Web Service from PHP code.That’s awesome, as that’s the most cool characteristic (IMHO) of web services: you might want to use them from your language of choice, and that CAN be done, for TRUE interoperability 🙂  … Read more

Unix folks at MS

I am not the only one! 🙂From the MS Exchange team blog, I found this post:“[…] In case you were wondering, I still do my web serving off the OpenBSD machine.  Hey, I like Apache, I like Perl, and I like CGI scripts.  If I ever move to the IIS team, perhaps I’ll rethink… Read more

Physical Security (Bug Id: LUCA)

My kids are – of course – “button freaks”: they both love buttons and keys and knobs, and all of that category of things… and of course you could not expect anything different from a family of geeks with all sort of devices in the house. Having said this, I figured out again that I must re-implement “physical security”… Read more