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"Corporate" Blog of Daniele Muscetta, Premier Field Engineer.

Using Wire Data in Operations Management Suite Log Search

A little while ago we enabled in the OMS Portal the first iteration of a ‘Wire Data’ solution – check it out in the Solutions Gallery if you haven’t. We didn’t make it in time to formally announce it on the ‘momteam’ blog, but Stas has given us coverage anyways. So here’s a slightly more… Read more

Operations Manager 2012 SP1 BETA is out, and some cool things you might not (yet) know about it

It has been a couple of months since we released the CTP2 release (I had blogged about that here ) and we have now reached the Beta milestone! Albeit you might have already seen a number of posts about this last week (i.e. or, I see the information on the blogs so… Read more

Improved ACS Partitions Query

This has been sitting on my hard drive for a long time. Long story short, the report I posted at Permanent Link to Audit Collection Services Database Partitions Size Report had a couple of bugs: it did not consider the size of the dtString_XXX tables but only the size of dtEvent_XXX tables – this would… Read more

Audit Collection Services Database Partitions Size Report

A number of people I have talked to liked my previous post on ACS sizing. One thing that was not extremely easy or clear to them in that post was *how* exactly I did one thing I wrote: […] use the dtEvent_GUID table to get the number of events for that day, and use the… Read more

A few thoughts on sizing Audit Collection System

People were already collecting logs with MOM, so why not the security log? Some people were doing that, but it did not scale enough; for this reason, a few years ago Eric Fitzgerald announced that he was working on Microsoft Audit Collection System. Anyhow, the tool as it was had no interface… and the rest… Read more