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System Center Advisor has kept me busy and you should check it out

[Edited October 27th 2014 – System Center Advisor is now a part of the new Microsoft Azure Operational InsightsClick to learn more]


This blog has been quiet for over 8 months… in the meantime, several folks (in Microsoft, and from outside) have reached and keep reaching out to me for APM-related questions.
Sorry, I don’t work nor own that feature anymore. In fact I have not really worked on it for over a year. Even my previous post about AppInsights and future speculations… I was already not working on it anymore (albeit I have worked on AppInsights in the early days when it was still codenamed), but I had to bid it farewell, and that’s what that post was.

I have instead been busy with System Center Advisor  in the last 16 or so months. First small but useful things, then the complete overhaul we did the past May at TechEd North America 2014.

If you have not yet heard about it and have no clue what I am talking about, then you should definitely check it out. See the following resources if you want to learn more of what I am working on:


Advisor Preview 2min Overview Video:

Advisor Preview TechEd announcement Video:

Joseph @ The Edge Show

Advisor Preview Onboarding Steps Video: 


Advisor Preview Twitter Handle: @mscAdvisor


Advisor Preview Onboarding Documentation:

Advisor Preview Troubleshooting blog:

Advisor Preview Feature requests can me made inside the Advisor portal by clicking the ‘Feedback’ link Advisor Feedback