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Audit Collection Services Database Partitions Size Report

A number of people I have talked to liked my previous post on ACS sizing. One thing that was not extremely easy or clear to them in that post was *how* exactly I did one thing I wrote:

[…] use the dtEvent_GUID table to get the number of events for that day, and use the stored procedure “sp_spaceused”  against that same table to get an overall idea of how much space that day is taking in the database […]

To be completely honest, I do not expect people to do this manually a hundred times if they have a hundred partitions. In fact, I have been doing this for a while with a script which will do the looping for me and run that sp_spaceused for me a number of time. I cannot share that script, but I do realize that this automation is very useful, therefore I wrote a “stand-alone” SQL query which, using a couple of temporary tables, produces a similar type of output. I also went a step further and packaged it into a SQL Server Reporting Services Report for everyone’s consumption. The report should look like the following screenshot, featuring a chart and the table with the numerical information about each and every partition in the database:

ACS Partitions Report

You can download the report from here.

You need to upload it to your report server, and change the data source to the shared Data Source that also the built-in ACS Reports use, and it should work.