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"Corporate" Blog of Daniele Muscetta, Premier Field Engineer.

Programmatically Check for Management Pack updates in OpsMgr 2007 R2

One of the cool new features of System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 is the possibility to check and update Management Packs from the catalog on the Internet directly from the Operators Console: Even if the backend for this feature is not yet documented, I was extremely curious to see how this had actually been… Read more

CentOS discovery in OpsMgr2007 R2 beta

Here we go again. Now that the OpsMgr2007 R2 beta is out, with an improved and revamped version of the System Center Cross Platform Extensions, I faced the issue of how to upgrade my test lab. I have to say that OpsMgr2007 R2 beta release notes explain the known issues, and I had no trouble… Read more

Protecting custom Resolution State in OpsMgr 2007

In System Center Operations Manager 2007, you can add and remove resolution states for your alerts at will. Other than states “0” (“New”) and “255” (“Closed”) you can create other 254 resolution states to suit your needs. This is a simple feature that was already present in previous MOM versions, and it is very useful… Read more

CentOS 5 Management Pack for OpsMgr SCX

As I mentioned here, I have been testing the SCX beta. Not having one of the “supported” platforms pushed me into playing with the provided Management Packs, and in turn I managed to use the MP for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 as a base, and replaced a couple of strings in the discoveries in… Read more

Testing System Center Cross Plaform Extentions

I am testing the beta bits of the cross-platform extensions that were released on  This is my limited testing so far (I hope this can benefit everyone for everything that might currently be yet “undocumented”): After installing the agent the way the documentation says (it’s just a RPM package, not much that can go… Read more

Looking at OpsMgr2007 Alert trend with Command Shell

It’s friday night, I am quite tired and I can’t be asked of writing a long post. But I have not written much all week, not even updated my Twitter, and now I want to finish the week with at least some goodies. So this is the turn of a couple of Powershell commands/snippets/scripts that… Read more